Telematics Asset Monitoring & Tracking

Telematics Asset Monitoring & Tracking

Telematics Asset Monitoring and Transport Tracking

If your business relies on a fleet of vehicles that typically make long journeys to ship products or provide services, you may be wondering how to manage them more effectively. After all, how can you tell if your vehicle is being driven effectively or properly cared for once it’s out of your sight? That’s to say nothing of the cargo on board. If you want to keep your fleet, your products and your personnel safe at all times, you may want to find a way to keep track of your vehicles when they’re out on business.

One solution that is becoming increasingly popular with many companies is telematics asset monitoring. If you’ve never heard of the term before, don’t worry—it’s not that difficult to explain. Telematics refers to a variety of tracking and monitoring solutions that can apply equally to either a given asset or transport. It frequently involves GPS technology, sensors, wireless communications and other methods that provide essential information about the vehicles and their status to the people who need to keep track of them.

Finding a company to take care of telematics transport monitoring doesn’t have to be difficult either. Just call on Future Fleet, a company that’s worked since 2003 to provide reliable telematics asset tracking and other GPS solutions to clients all over Australia. Our winning combination of cutting edge technology and classic, dependable customer service helps us maintain a reputation as one of the premier telematics providers in the country. Choosing Future Fleet is an excellent way to keep all of your investments protected when they’re out on the road.

What Information can Telematics Asset Monitoring Give my Company?

Telematics transport tracking can cover a range of different information. This may include the precise location of the transport, the condition of the asset(s) on board, and the behaviour of your drivers—such as idling, speeding, harsh braking and the frequency of vehicle servicing. This is especially important when you want to maintain or increase fuel efficiency across your fleet, so telematics can be a fantastic way to save money in the long run. It can also help you determine better routes for your drivers, which can shorten delivery times and improve their safety.

Avoid Stolen or Missing Vehicles

Even if your drivers are careful and competent, they can still fall victim to theft or unexpected loss. It’s not unheard of for vehicles—even large ones—to be stolen from gas stations, truck stops or roadside motels in the middle of long journeys. Fortunately, Telematics offers a quick solution to such problems, letting you know exactly where your vehicles and their goods are so that you can alert the proper authorities to recover them for you. In this way, investing in telematics helps to protect your property and increases your credibility with customers. You may never have to account for a lost or stolen shipment again! For more information on how to acquire any of Future Fleet’s telematics systems, contact us today.