GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS technology is an effective fleet management and cost efficiency tool for all businesses with a fleet of cars, trucks, vans, utes, assets or trailers. Future Fleet GPS tracking and telematics solutions provide real-time information and mapping allowing you to easily locate your vehicles, monitor delivery times, analyse driver behaviour and much more.

Future Fleet offers a number of GPS Vehicle Tracking and Telematics Solutions over two platforms, Mix Telematics and Plus. These can be customised to suit your needs. Whether it be driver identification, driver camera, satellite, NextG compliant, seat belt and door open/close notifications, starter disable or panic/duress button, Future Fleet have got you covered! Some of these include:

Every solution is web based and requires no additional software so integration is seamless. Customers can access a range of extensive reports including location, speed, mileage, ignition on/off and detailed trip or job reports easily and conveniently from work and/or home.

The benefits of GPS Vehicle Tracking and GPS telematics include:
•  Reduce costs including fuel, vehicle maintenance, insurance premiums, telecommunications and overtime
•  Increase job capacity and profit
•  Safer driver environment
•  Enhance customer service
•  Better your operations efficiency
•  Effectively manage servicing, registration, insurance and licensing
•  Ensure you are compliant with government road transport regulations
•  Improve vehicle security
•  Lower your carbon footprint

For more information on GPS vehicle tracking and telematics solutions provided by Future Fleet, contact us on 07 3286 3220