Cold Chain Refrigerated Transport Monitoring & Tracking

Cold Chain Refrigerated Transport Monitoring & Tracking

Where to Find Cold Chain Transport Tracking and Refrigerated Transport Monitoring

If you produce perishable goods, you probably want to make sure they stay fresh from the time you produce them until the sale. In many cases, however, this is easier said than done. The truth is that once a product leaves your production facilities, it can be difficult to account for everything. If it has to travel long distances to make its way to your retailers, this challenge can become even greater. Fortunately, that’s why the cold chain exists. Cold chains refer to a series of storage and distribution protocols that are intended to keep goods from spoiling in transit. Ideally, a cold chain will ensure that your goods maintain their quality until they enter the possession of the consumer.

The reason we say “ideally” is that it’s not always easy to measure the effectiveness of a cold chain. After all, how are you supposed to keep an eye on something after it leaves your facility? Should you simply trust that it will be taken care of at every step of the way according to your instructions? With cold chain transport monitoring, you don’t have to. Also called refrigerated transport tracking, this strategy is of great use to companies whose temperature-sensitive products need protection over long journeys.

Let Future Fleet Provide You with the Help You Need

The right refrigerated transport monitoring solutions can give you a lot of useful information, including but not limited to where your goods are and whether or not their cold storage units are functioning properly. Certain advanced cold chain transport tracking systems are capable of providing even greater control, such as the remote startup and shutdown of various refrigerator units. If you’re looking for comprehensive and high quality refrigerated transport tracking in Australia, you’ll want to get in touch with Future Fleet. Since 2003 we’ve provided cold chain transport monitoring, GPS technology and other vehicle location services to a variety of clients throughout Australia.

What Makes Future Fleet the Ideal Cold Chain Transport Monitoring Solution?

Future Fleet invests in technology and focuses on providing exceptional after sales service so that you can count on our products and systems long after you purchase them. We are one of the only GPS providers offering Remote Reefer Control Management, which uses Iridium Satellite and 3G Technology to give you increased control over shipments on refrigerated transports using Carrier or Thermo King units. We’re also upgrading our GPS technology on a constant basis so that our clients can use solutions that are currently defining the industry standards. Take our solar powered GPS units for example, which allow you to track trailers and other non-powered transport vehicles easily.

You don’t ever have to wonder about the status of your perishable items when you use technology provided by Future Fleet. Contact us today to see how we can help you keep better track of the products that your business depends on for success.